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Programs and Curriculum

English Programs

  1. To provide an English assessment test for all incoming students to accurately assess their levels and place them in appropriate classes.
  2. To provide extra classes for students to prepare for standardized English tests such as the General English Proficiency Test (GEPT) and Test of English for International Communication (TOEIC).

Chinese Programs

We offer four Chinese programs: Chinese for Beginners, Basic Chinese, Intermediate Chinese, and Advanced Chinese. All classes are taught by full-time faculty members of CTU, who are also Chinese instructors for domestic students and have received Mandarin teaching training at other universities. We encourage all foreign students to take and pass standardized Chinese proficiency tests, such as HSK or TOCFL.
Changhua is a place abundant in historical sites and traditional culture. One of the oldest city in Taiwan, Lukang, is located in Changhua. Aside from language and cultural courses, activities are provided to help foreign students better understand Chinese culture, such as Taiwanese festivals. These include Chinese calligraphy, cultural tours, and making Chinese festival foods.