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CTU Language Center

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Chienkuo Technology University(CTU) established the Language Center to help students meet the language requirements associated with the increasingly international nature of higher education. The Language Center is set up to promote both the learning of English in domestic students and the learning of Chinese in foreign students, workers, and brides in the Changhua area.

In order to achieve its goals, the Language Center has set the following objectives:

  1. To strengthen the foreign language ability of the university's undergraduate and graduate students
  2. To increase the percentage of CTU students who pass the standardized English proficiency tests.
  3. To provide effective Chinese programs for exchange students, foreign students, and foreigners living in the Changhua area.
  4. To offer foreigners, including international students at CTU, a variety of Chinese courses which teach in the essence of the Chinese language and culture.
  5. To be validated by the Ministry of Education as a center of Chinese study for foreign students.
  6. To promote a bilingual environment on the CTU campus.
  7. To run an English-speaking cafe, with exchange students and students of the Applied Foreign Language department as servers.

At present there are two organizations under the CTU Language Center: the Chinese Language Division and the Foreign Language Division. The current director of the Center is Dr. Fei-Hsuan Liao from the Department of Applied Foreign Languages.